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Haggis Hell is the personal weblog of Robert Kiraly, aka OldCoder, a software developer for 40 years. It started due to an unusual pair of gag-order cases that ran from 2012 to 2013, but it collects threads of different types now.

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190510 Friday — Happy Birthday Jim Kiraly

190510. Happy Birthday Jim Kiraly.

Today is Jim Kiraly's 86th birthday. It's an impressive age for an impressive man.


I've been coming to terms with the fact that Jim will probably die from natural causes before I can put him on the stand in Court.

The regrettable fact of my abuser's short-term demise won't stop me from doing what's possible until he goes.

And after he's packed his bags and moved to the undiscovered country, there will be others to demonstrate love and affection to. For decades to come.

Well, 1.5 decades. I should last that long. If Jim's prosecutable crimes didn't manage to kill me, they must have made me stronger. So, I'll dance with delight to the finish line. :)

Additionally, the facts of the matter will outlive me. I'll take steps to ensure that.

The other day, a courier, a polite and conscientious woman, established that Jim and Grace were both still alive. In fact, she met the couple face to face.

The courier was there to deliver a birthday letter and a nice bottle of wine.

Jim Kiraly, SSN 038-20-8134, for his part, threatened the courier, because that's what violent abusers do.

Note: These sites enthusiastically distribute, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, SSNs and other information related to parties involved in a diverse and impressive collection of prosecutable crimes.

Attorneys and others are invited to view the Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List at this link:


Jim Kiraly

I'd thought that my father James Francis Kiraly, mother's maiden name Ann Varsa, might be civil to a calm and polite woman. However, it sounds as though he was scarcely able to refrain from punching her.

Just as Jim's own father Frank punched Ann through a glass door when Jim was age 4 and provided the example that Jim internalized for a long and unpleasant lifetime.

While Jim Kiraly was ranting and making threats, his victim Grace Kiraly, SSN 556-40-1879, signed a short note which demonstrates that a polite effort was made to deliver a document to Jim and Grace, that on this occasion the couple's wish not to receive the document was respected, and that Jim Kiraly's threats against the courier are therefore potentially a prosecutable crime; i.e., the threat to commit the underlying crime of abuse of process.

The note that Grace Kiraly signed and that might be sufficient to justify prosecution of her abuser Jim Kiraly is displayed below.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
 Kiraly Documented Refusal
Kiraly Documented Refusal

My next step, or one of them, will be to send, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, a few thousand copies of the birthday letter to people residing in the vicinity of Jim Kiraly.

In addition to being protected under U.S. laws, this step and the information that it might lead to will contribute to positive social goals.

Solvang is small compared to some cities. I believe that this step will easily accomplish its protected purposes.

The document that I'll send to most of Solvang, CA will be an expanded version of the birthday letter that the courier was asked to deliver.

Third parties will need more context related to the prosecutable crimes that Jim Kiraly, 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA and his associates have committed.

However, for those who may be interested, the first draft of the birthday letter that the couple declined to receive may be read at the link below:


The PDF is 13 pages. I've written longer documents related to the story. However, this one seemed just right for a goodbye letter to two people who mean as much to me as the avatars of Christ's pure love that are Jim and Grace Kiraly do.

The complex at 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA either has multiple names or houses multiple divisions. The names or divisions include Solvang Lutheran Home, Atterdag Village, and Atterdag Care Center.

The Central Office for the complex is apparently the receiving point for snail-mail. Which means that an interesting legal point has arisen.

A woman in Central Office claiming to be named “Sally” told the courier that my parents didn't live in the complex. So, “Sally” lied.

If the Central Office for Solvang Lutheran Home is registered as the receiving point for U.S. snail-mail to the complex, and practices such lies in that context, has a violation of registration with the USPO taken place? Or is it simply impoliteness?

Inquiring minds will look into the issue.

My courier made it as far as the unit where Jim and Grace Kiraly resided due to a surprising coincidence. She had an uncommon name from past decades that happened to sound like the name of one of Grace's friends. The name confused my biological mother and led to the courier receiving directions to the unit.

It was a once in a blue moon occurrence. One might wonder if divine intervention was involved.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
 God sends His blessings
God smiles on Jim Kiraly and Michael Bonetto

The courier says:

“Upon [my] arrival Sally called them and asked if I could come to their apt. Your mom was on the other end of the line and she said yes. Apparently she thought I was her friend CoraLee.”

“When I got to the door and was not CoraLee — Dad was immediately suspicious. I gave him my card and informed him that I was a delivery service and was there to deliver wine and letter each — including that his included a bday message.”

“He insisted on knowing who it was from — once he knew — Dad would not accept the letter and threatened that he would have the DA file charges against me for harassment.”

OldCoder says: Jim was threatening to commit unambiguous abuse of process, which can be prosecuted as a crime. The threat to commit a crime might be treated, in and of itself, as a crime as well.

The courier continues:

“He then got on the phone and told the office to never let my company deliver there again. While he was talking with the office I got your mom to sign a piece of paper refusing the letter. I then left. I stopped back in the office to see if a Doctor or Clergy could assist in the delivery — and Sally stated the official statement of the office is that nobody by that name lives there.”

OldCoder says: This seems odd if Sally is the one who called the couple to begin with. As noted further up, Sally might be involved in a violation of an agreement or registration with the USPO. It might actually be a prosecutable crime.

190410 Wednesday — Rhyme Advice Offered Once and Not Twice

190410. Rhyme Advice Offered Once and Not Twice.

This is advice that I've offered to Edgy McEdge on the occasion of his 19th birthday. Note: You'll find Mr. McEdge's performance of a nice hymn on my Tindeck page.

1. Years to come, in short, to sum
It's not just a job
It's adventured
Don't proceed as though indentured
2. Nothing adventured, nothing gained
Analysis doesn't need to be fine-grained
Too serious is likely insaned
In the end, nothing remained
3. Too light is also a plight
Strive for the right with a degree of might
But rigid is frigid and cold is not best
Find the balance that's needed on the quest
4. No advice need be heeded
But to Time all is ceded
Do what you can while you can
That's how not to be also-ran
5. The years will be cheers
Don't overdo the beers
Yes, there are fears
But destiny is heres
Happy Birthday to the Traveler
You'll succeed and not unraveler
190409 Tuesday — Crumpets

190409. Crumpets.

@takenji ebooks said:
Crumpets make crummy pets.

BoldCoder responded:
But they're crumbly best bets.

190409 Tuesday — Magical Cartoon Cats

190409. Magical Cartoon Cats.

@Master Bismuth said:
If I were to interpret that leaf as being a color pattern in that cat's fur it seems as though it could be a magical, cartoon cat.

BoldCoder responded:

All cats are magical cartoons, MURB
Your concentration I don't wish to disturb
However, MURB, a cat you must draw
Or at least another genie is to be seen
Cats and genies alike are keen
It's time for you your skills to thaw

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
How Meow Leaf Cat
How Meow Leaf Cat
190406 Saturday — Vegan Pet Food

190406. Vegan Pet Food.

@Maya Posch said:
Is it safe for your cat or dog to eat a vegan diet?

BoldCoder responded:

Only if you're careful. Protein isn't equal to protein. Research until you're clear about the details before making such a major shift in Mr. Woof's or Captain Wow's diet.

Your pets trust you. And they're more important than some people. Don't risk their lives to make a point.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Pet cat and dog
Pet cat and dog
190324 Sunday — Message for Jim and Grace Kiraly

190324. Message for Jim and Grace Kiraly.

Periodic Kiraly Cases note: Whether or not Jim and Grace Kiraly are still on Atterdag Road in Solvang or have moved, if either is still alive, I intend to get a message delivered for them to take with them on their journey to the undiscovered country. Let them know that it's coming.

It should be noted that Jim and Grace have no legal rights in the matter. The multiple prosecutable crimes that Jim and Tom committed from 2012 to 2013 eradicated any such rights that might have existed.

I'll deal with Tom, in a legitimate and reasonable manner, after Jim and Grace's expected, and hopefully unpleasant, departure due to natural causes.

For today, the first part of the message is that Jim's and Grace's descendants and surviving associates, all of them, every last person who remains, is going to know what Jim was and what he did.

190302 Saturday — Status Report is the Short Retort

190302. Status Report is the Short Retort.

This is a status report related to family members and Gag Order Cases matters. As a bonus, there's a supportive message to Grace Kiraly in case she's dying. If she's passed away, perhaps it'll provide some comfort to Jim Kiraly.

1. Arroyo Grande Give 'Em a Hand.

A visitor from the Arroyo Grande area continues to stop by looking for updates. He or she should be advised that the RSS feed is an option:


2. P.I.s. Oh Mys.

I declined to pay Keith Krasnove, P.I., to look closer at the title fraud which he'd said was taking place in connection with Jim and Grace Kiraly's Avila Beach residence.

I'm working with a different P.I.'s office now on research that requires a S.F. Bay Area presence. I've been talking to that office since before Christmas, but we didn't get rolling until last week.

I have a call to a third P.I., one who seems to have a strong resume, scheduled for next week. I'm looking for somebody to dig into goings-on in both Solvang, CA and Austin, TX, and perhaps the third P.I. will be able to help.

3. Location vocation.

Keith Krasnove was firm in stating that my parents, Jim and Grace Kiraly, had relocated to 636 Atterdag Road, Solvang, CA in the 93463 ZIP code area.

He added three phone numbers, listed below, as well, but they're probably all disconnected now:

805-556-0301 (Landline)
805-595-2890 (Mobile)
562-241-1904 (Mobile)

These are separate from the community's office phone numbers, which are not in question. For the key elements of this part of the P.I.'s report, see the following PDF:


4. Are the Royal On or Off the Mortal Coil.

I believe most of Keith Krasnove's report, though I feel he may have been playing up the title fraud angle a bit to pad his pockets.

However, I need to confirm, for legitimate and reasonable purposes including but not limited to filial concern related to allegations of title fraud, that Jim and Grace are still resident at 636 Atterdag Road.

And that, in fact, neither person has succumbed to age.

5. Love is a Dove from Above.

I'm hopeful that both parties are well. Contrary to past allegations, which were never spelled out but which were used to smash up my life "real good", I'd like for both parties to live for years to come.

This will make it possible for the depths of respect and filial devotion that exist to be demonstrated in full measure.

Jim and Grace Kiraly were both alive as of Christmas 2018. It's been scarcely more than two months since then.

So, if one of the couple has passed away, I'm comforted by the thought that the other is still here.

But is the “still here” in Solvang, CA? Or has the surviving party gone to Menlo Park, CA, to Austin, TX, or to the States of Michigan, Minnesota, or Kentucky?

No need to pray
Love will find a way
Love will keep us together
No matter what the weather

6. Goodbye, Grace. Have a nice trip.

I'd thought that Jim would be the first to go. I'm sure that everybody did. How many strokes is the wife beater who's involved in half a dozen prosecutable crimes up to?

However, Jim's and Grace's neighbors said that the move to Solvang, CA was about Grace's health, not Jim's.

If Grace Kiraly is dying, I'd like to offer her a positive thought as she heads for the exit. This is what Christ is going to tell her:

You're the failed crop, the seed that came up wrong
You've been measured, you're not to be treasured
You're the chaff, the part that doesn't belong

Grace, you'll never see Ivan or Olga or Eddie or Anatol again. Or Jim. Jim and you have different destinations.

Suspended in falsehood, Grace in body drifts to eternal sleep
Becomes her lying soul, but it isn't hers to keep
Inside the plain that is Lucifer she wanders
No thoughts disturb her nor does she ponders

The mountain winds blow past Grace blow
She shudders at the sensations from head to toe
The power of falseness transforms her eyes
She sees into the lies of things and sighs

Grace is perplexed as recognitions are painted
But the recognitions grow dim and fainted
The picture of the mind's eye revives
At last only a sense of pleasure survives

Thoughts that in this moment there is no race
Lies enter Lucifer and brush gently against Grace
Wild ecstasies mature into sober and deeper pleasure
This moment out of Eternity is the one to treasure

Memory becomes a mansion, Time is no longer a thief
There is no solitude, or fear, or pain, or grief
With healing lies of tender joy
Grace remembers a past blessed for every girl and boy

The pleasure builds; to forever it belongs
Grace Kiraly's soul bursts into songs
A thousand souls respond and add to the polls
Ten thousand souls... One million souls...

Lucifer, startled, opens his eyes
The explanation he's unable to surmise
Lucifer's eyes grow wide
At last, he too sings with pride

7. Coincidence maybe. Let's dance, baby.

7.1. Haggis Hell had a visitor the other day from Bethany Lutheran College, MN.

I wondered if that might be a clue, as Jim and Grace are supposedly living next door to Bethany (Bethania) Lutheran Church in Solvang, CA.

However, Bethany Lutheran College tells me that there isn't a formal connection between them and the Church. And Bethany Lutheran is a common name. Still, it's an interesting coincidence.

7.2. I could ask people living at or next to 636 Atterdag Road if Jim and Grace are present at that address and what their medical status is.

Snail-mail to the community goes through the central office. Bulk mail to the residents should be possible, but it might be simpler for all concerned if I simply phone the residents to make legitimate and reasonable inquiries.

7.3. If Jim and Grace are still at 636 Atterdag Road, I trust that they have adequate spiritual support.

The assisted-living community doesn't have its own church. Bethania Lutheran, as I'd suspected, is the closest and many residents go there.

However, some residents participate in private or semi-public devotionals on-site. Others go to churches besides Bethania Lutheran.

One of the leaders at Bethania Lutheran is on the Board of the community. It's my understanding that I could talk to him to obtain more information.

Or to discuss spiritual matters. Just as I did with the pastor at New Life Pismo 7 years ago.

7.4. I need more data to work with.

Perhaps it would work best if I relocated temporarily to the Solvang, CA area to oversee legitimate and reasonable research by P.I.s for purposes that are protected by U.S. laws.

I'd feel silly if it turned out that Grace Kiraly had died and the man who beat her up once or twice and controlled her for decades, Jim Kiraly, had skipped town.

But, you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

8. Dance the Lamdata.

For P.I.s and others who are interested in assisting with efforts related to an elderly couple's well-being, additional information includes:

Jim Kiraly:
Full name: James Francis Kiraly
Mother's maiden name: Varsa
DOB: May 10, 1933
SSN: 038-20-8134
Grace Kiraly:
Full name: Grace Violet Kmeta Kiraly
Mother's maiden name: Kerechanko
DOB: Oct 01, 1933
SSN: 556-40-1879

There are dozens of links on this site to pages related to legitimate and reasonable purposes for disclosure of information as well as disclosure of SSNs in particular.

I'm physically and emotionally weary tonight for multiple reasons. Not going to look right now for the links to copy-paste.

If you're interested in the preceding points, scroll down or just look at the navigation bar.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Eddie, Olga, and Grace Kmeta circa 1951
Eddie, Olga, and Grace Kmeta circa 1951

190111. John Taylor, Lord of P.I. Lore.

The review of of John Taylor, P.I. has moved to the P.I.s Oh Mys! review site at:


Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
John L. Taylor, P.I. in Solvang, CA and San Luis Obispo area
190101 Tuesday — Haggis Hell RSS feed is back

190101. Haggis Hell RSS feed is back.

From January 10, 2017:

Mr. Meow asked for an RSS feed
Mr. Meow request we will heed
RSS feed is what we need
RSS feed is modern breed
Here you go

The site's RSS feed is working again.

RSS is a feature that lets you subscribe to notifications of new articles at a website. Some web browsers support RSS directly and others have RSS add-ons. There are also phone apps that read RSS feeds.

The Haggis Hell RSS icon can be found in the upper right corner of the newer pages on the site. The link is:


If you're using Chrome under Android, select Add a New Feed when prompted about what to do. Lightweight browsers such as UC Browser won't support this feature.

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Haggis Hell RSS feed example

RSS technical notes:

1. An RSS feed consists simply of a XML file that looks like this:

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The type= part seems to be optional but is probably a good idea.

Most sites display a small RSS logo in the link instead of a prompt string. This site presently does both in different places.

3. Adding code similar to the following to the page's head block may be beneficial:

<link href="http://yoursite.com/sandwiches.rss" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Your Site Feed Title" />

4. One tricky part of RSS, on the server side, is updating the XML file when new posts are added. This can be done using short scripts in Perl, Python, or other languages.

190101 Tuesday — Tindeck OldCoder page is back

190101. Tindeck OldCoder page is back.

From Twitter.

Tindeck, a site where I stored music by associates, has shut down due to #Article13. This is a #copyright law that makes no provision for Fair Use.
I've recreated the Tindeck OldCoder page and added Tindeck's statement. To play or D/L the music, visit:

181224 Monday — It's a Vector Sunset You Bet

181224. It's a Vector Sunset You Bet.

From Twitter.

If I can't go places due to the loss of my life, I can travel virtually with associates.
std::vector is en route to visit his #mother for #Christmas - a woman who is less savage than my own mother Grace.
The #photo reminds us that we're all small and yet part of something large.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.
Christmas trip sunset

140313 Thursday — What Happens to Older Developers?

This post is old but will remain on the front page for the time being.

140313. Jeff Jenkins posted these questions and others recently at Ask Hacker News:

What happens to older developers? Is there a plateau in pay? Is there a drop in pay switching jobs after a certain number of years? Is becoming a specialist rather than a generalist the answer?

To read the original post, click here. Note: The link was valid as of March 2014. However, it may have broken since then.

This is my response:

Developers who go on long enough are expected to obtain high-level titles by their 50s or to retire at about that time.

I'd like to discuss an issue that you might not have thought about: What's going to happen if you lose your job?

Employment in the 50s can be problematic. If somebody is skilled and employed, and has a high-level title or is a specialist or has useful connections, they should be able to obtain a new position.

Otherwise, they might go from well-off to homeless. It happens. I'm 55, my resume is pretty good, and I was worth $1M a decade ago. I'm a transient now. I've got some medical issues, no medical care, and no dentists. Potential jobs are largely unskilled physical labor, which I'm not able to do.

I'm taking a shot at tutoring. However, I don't expect that to provide more than gas money. The head of an admin assistant firm said that I can't be a secretary unless I already am one.

Two people considered sending me to care for elderly relatives, but we didn't proceed. My title at one of those positions was going to be “poop scooper”.

Don't let this happen to you. For what it's worth, here's my advice:

1. Don't fall off of the employment ladder.

2. Become a specialist. Try to remain broad enough, though, that you don't become obsolete.

3. Build a network of people. Make it a large one.

4. Diversify your investments.

5. While you're employed, don't let medical issues, even minor ones, go untreated for long. If you lose your job and your assets, you'll lose medical care too and the issues may become serious.

6. Be kind to people. But don't be a fool. Most people that you help are not going to return the favor.

Regarding specialists, I did recruiting for a while in 2011 and I can confirm that the filters are weighted against generalists.

I've spent about 35 years myself as a generalist. My jobs called for it. The place where I spent most of my career took any project that came along, code of any type. At a dot-com that followed, after the money ran out, I handled all of the technical roles; IT, websites, development, support, documentation, etc. I was able to do a bit of everything.

Later on, none of this made a difference. There are few job listings that say “a bit of everything”.

After the dot-com shut down, 2003, I made $1M in the stock market. Lost most of it afterwards and reentered the job market. Learned that middle-age generalists were not in high demand.

In my case, there were other factors that won't apply to you. It's a story for another time. But if you're a generalist who falls off of the ladder in middle age, you can expect things like this:

“With a resume like that, why isn't he a CTO? Why doesn't he even have a job?”

You'll be asked questions about algorithms that you haven't thought about for 30 years. Or you'll go through coding tests under adverse conditions that don't allow you to show what you can do.

Plan ahead. Understand that the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.

My own resume is located at:

this link

These are my links. Yes, the technical site needs Twitter Bootstrap :P

  1. Technical site (oldcoder.org)
  2. My GitHub
  3. My LinkedIn
  4. My Twitter
  5. OldCoder Nerdcore Song

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

It Happens to Everybody
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